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All of the children in the Juniors have the opportunity to attend a residential each year. In Year 3 this starts with a sleep over at school, building up by and additional night each year until Year 6 attend an activity centre residential in the UK for a week. We believe residentials play a large part in developing children's social skills, independence and resilience. They are also a huge amount of fun with their friends creating amazing memories!


Annual Validation


A large team of staff work together at Hautes Capelles. If you need to contact a teacher please let the office know.

Staff Team

  • Head Teacher Mrs S Coughlin        

  • Deputy Head Teacher Mrs J Ballentine        

  • Assistant Head Teacher and SENCO Mrs K Fyfe                   

  • Year 6

    • Mrs J Hind Phase Leader
    • Mrs K Le Prevost
    • Miss L Warlow
    • Mrs D Wright
  • Year 5

    • Mrs E Le Flocq
    • Miss H Carre
    • Mrs J Lavery
    • Mrs K Attwood and Mrs M Dowding
  • Year 4

    • Mrs L Ashworth
    • Mr P Byrne
    • Miss L Blanchard
    • Miss L Le Prevost
  • Year 3

    • Mrs T Crooke Phase Leader
    • Mrs D Smart
    • Mr J Morris
    • Mrs M Laine
  • Year 2

    • Mrs S Oliphant Phase Leader
    • Mr M Allison
    • Mrs K Wallbridge
    • Mrs S Baskerville and Mrs L Sauvarin
  • Year 1

    • Miss E Brookes
    • Miss C Simon
    • Miss N Walden
    • Mrs V Buckholt and Mrs A Desforges
  • Reception

    • Mrs D Collis (Phase Leader) and Miss S Fallaize
    • Mrs S Conlan and Mrs L Ware
    • Mrs N McClean and Mrs J Langlois
  • Administrative Team

    • Mrs P Courtney        Finance
    • Mrs T Walters KS2        
    • Mrs M Brehaut KS1
  • Site Supervision

    • Mr T Martel
    • Mr J Neville