Encouraging curiosity, questions and imagination

History Curriculum Intent


At Hautes Capelles, history often forms the basis of our main topics where we encourage curiosity, questions and imagination based on how the present has been shaped by the past, and how that, in turn, is the key to developing as informed, active and responsible citizens.  

Children come to understand a developing sense of chronology, change and some sense of why and when things happened from learning about early man and the dolmens to the present day.

  • As an island steeped in its own history, we believe it is important to teach about the german occupation of the island and to celebrate Liberation day every year. 
  • This lends itself to recognising how communities develop, and what we have in common as well as what makes us different.
  • By beginning to understand how events that happened in the Bailiwick, United Kingdom or in other parts of the world can affect our lives today, children will learn how our actions and decisions can also shape the future
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